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Socratic Philosophy and Its Others (2013)

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Strange Fellows, by Christopher Dustin and Denise Schaeffer

Part I: Friendship, Resistance, and the Question of the Good

Chapter 1: Why Socrates and Thrasymachus Become Friends, by Catherine Zuckert
Chapter 2: The Daimonic Soul: On Plato’s Theages, by Michael Davis and Gwenda-lin Kaur Grewal

Part II: Philosophy and Sophistry: The Limits of ‘Logos’

Chapter 3: Philosophy and Sophistry in Plato’s ‘Euthydemus’, by Mary P. Nichols and Denise Schaeffer
Chapter 4: Socrates Talking to Himself? On the ‘Greater Hippias’, by Christopher A. Colmo
Chapter 5: The Sophist Hippias and the Problem of Polytropia, by David Corey
Chapter 6: On Wolves and Dogs: The Eleatic Stranger’s Socratic Turn in the ‘Sophist’, by Matthew Dinan

Part III: Imagery, Tragedy, and Tyranny

Chapter 7: Philosophers as Painters: On the Corruptibility of the Philosophic Nature in Plato’s ‘Republic’, by Christopher A. Dustin
Chapter 8: Plato’s ‘Apology’ as Tragedy, by Jacob Howland
Chapter 9: Sophist and Philosopher in Plato’s Sophist, by Evanthia Speliotis
Chapter 10: Socrates’ Odyssean Return: On Plato’s Charmides, by Ronna Burger

Part IV: Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Dialogue

Chapter 11: Philosophy, Rhetoric, and the Question of Harmony in Plato’s ‘Phaedrus’, by Denise Schaeffer
Chapter 12: Philosophy in the Perfect Tense: On Plato’s ‘Lovers’, by Michael Davis

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