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Sophistry and Political Philosophy: Protagoras’ Challenge to Socrates (2016)

Sophistry and Political Philosophy: Protagoras' Challenge to Socratesby Robert C. Bartlett

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“One of the central challenges to contemporary political philosophy is the apparent impossibility of arriving at any commonly agreed upon “truths.” As Nietzsche observed in his Will to Power, the currents of relativism that have come to characterize modern thought can be said to have been born with ancient sophistry. If we seek to understand the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary radical relativism, we must therefore look first to the sophists of antiquity—the most famous and challenging of whom is Protagoras.

With Sophistry and Political Philosophy, Robert C. Bartlett provides the first close reading of Plato’s two-part presentation of Protagoras. In the “Protagoras,” Plato sets out the sophist’s moral and political teachings, while the “Theaetetus,” offers a distillation of his theoretical and epistemological arguments. Taken together, the two dialogues demonstrate that Protagoras is attracted to one aspect of conventional morality—the nobility of courage, which in turn is connected to piety. This insight leads Bartlett to a consideration of the similarities and differences in the relationship of political philosophy and sophistry to pious faith. Bartlett’s superb exegesis offers a significant tool for understanding the history of philosophy, but, in tracing Socrates’s response to Protagoras’ teachings, Bartlett also builds toward a richer understanding of both ancient sophistry and what Socrates meant by ‘political philosophy.'”

Political Philosophy Cross-Examined: Perennial Challenges to the Philosophic Life (2013)


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Philosophic Life in Question, by Thomas L. Pangle and J. Harvey Lomax

1. Sophistry as a Way of Life, by Robert C. Bartlett
2. Aristotle on Theory and Practice, by Christopher Bruell
3. Aristotle's Politics Book 7 on the Best Way of Life, by Thomas L. Pangle
4. Inexhaustible Riches: Mining the Bible, by J. Harvey Lomax
5. On the Philosophic Character of Tacitus' Imperial Political History and Science, by James Nichols
6. Maimonides on Knowledge of Good and Evil: The Guide of the Perplexed I.2, by Ronna Burger
7. Machiavelli in the Prince: His Way of Life in Question, by Nathan Tarcov
8. Of Human Ends in Bacon's Essayes, by Ralph Lerner
9. Hobbes's Natural Theology, by Devin Stauffer
10. Rousseau's Happiness in Freedom, by Hasso Hofmann
11. Heidegger on Nietzsche on Nihilism, by Robert B. Pippin
12. How Benardete Read the Last Stage of Socrates' Philosophic Education, by Laurence Lampert

macmillan series: recovering political philosophy

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